Anupama Written Update 20th November 2020

Today’s Anupama Episode 20th November 2020 will start with Scene of Vanraj acting. Vanraj began to faint. That’s Vanraj’s dream. Leela asked from Kavya that why you came late here. Kavya replied her that she engaged with something so due to this reason she was late.

Anupama Written Update 20th November 2020

He added that he was not present but he would take part in further rituals. Kavya asks Vanraj to fill Anupama’s hairline with sindoor. Vanraj stood confused and followed his order. Here Kavya after reminding him about Sindoor again asked Vanraj to tie the Mangal-Sutr around Anupama’s neck. Vanraj Hesitated and saw beside Kavya.

The next marriage, Anupama and Vanraj took place. Like saying that he wants to say something. He says he wants to tell you what 5 precious gifts Vanraj has given in their 25 years together.

Today Anupama Full Written Episode English.

Anupama Wedding Dress Picture

Main actor of Drama Anupama says that Vanraj has given beautiful love to me, trust and family. Everyone is happy.

Here, Paritosh, Nandini and Sanjay warn Kavya to stay away from Anupama and Vanraj. Kavya says the marriage is not complete without the bride crying and vidai. Leela and the others agreed. Vanraj wonders why Kavya is so worried on this wedding.

In this you will to see the performance of Kavya dance with back ground music song

‘ye galiayn ye chaubara’. after her dance starting other people and Anupmaa joined her.

Here another twist came with entry of Anupama Mother!

Anupama mother cried, like going to entertain him. There, Vanraj apologizes to Kavya. Kavya asks Vanraj not to apologize. On the other hand, Anupama’s mother told Anupama that she had a lot to bear at Shah’s house. Anupma said no and explained Vanraj gave him a lot of happiness. Ahead, Hasmukh and Leela plan to ‘griah pravesh’ Anupama and Vanraj. Kavya stood next to Anupama. Hamukh asked why he was standing next to the bride. Kavya says half of the functions she has done from the groom’s side now half will be done from the bride’s side.

Anupama 20th October 2020 Episode Written Update

In 20th November 2020 Episode you will to see a scene that Kavya will be in back of Vanraj and Anupama. He loses the bond of Anupama and Vanraj as well as smirks. Like praying to God and saying that he once again stepped into the house to bless him. He entered the house. Kavya stopped Vanraj. Everyone was shocked to see Anupama and Vanraj got bandhan were relaxed. As if surprised. Kavya told Vanraj that he could only tie gathbandhan with her. Vanraj was also shocked.  Today Episode Has been ended with these words.

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