Hazrat Syedna Usman Ghani History and Stories

Hazrat Usman (R.A) third Khalifa of Islam belongs to a Quresh tribe Banu Umayya. He played a prominent role in early introductory duration of Islam.

Complete Family Information of Hazrat Usman Ghani(R.A)

Hazrat Usman Real Name: Uthman ibn Affan

Father Name: Affan ibn Abi Al As

Mother Name: Arwa bint Kurayz

Tribe: Quresh

Sub Tribe: Banu Umayya

Family Members: 24 with 8 Wives,  with 8 Sons and 8 daughters.

Spouse(s): Total 8 wife’s with two of them was the Daughter of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) the Last Prophet with Religion of Islam.

Titles: Hazrat Usman also called with these titles Al Ghani  and Zun Noo Rain.

Hazrat Usman got the title of Al Ghani on his generous for poor people.

There are many kindness stories of Hazrat Usman Ghani (R.A). One of them is linked in this Post!

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Hazrat Usman (R.A) got Islam in early stage when there was many difficulties for Muslims. On his acceptance of Islam Banu Umayyah tribe angered on him.

Hazrat Usman services for Islam will be always remembered till last day of universe. He served his whole wealth for Islam and Muslim people. No one got with empty handed from the door of Hazrat Usman house.

He served Muslims as a Chalipah near about 12 years. He got the martyred by unknown people attack in his room when Hazrat Usman was reciting the Holy book of the World (The Holy Quran).

Hazrat Usman was very kind person, he never hurt anyone in his life. He played leading role in Sulah e Hudaibiya.

He was the first person who bought a land for Masjid E Nabvi.

Their Story of Bir Rumah when Muhajrinn facing drinking water problems Hazrat Syedna bought this well in 20000 Dirhams and allow everyone to drink water from here.

In the Khalifat of Hazrat Usman The Holy Quran was arranged first time with Parts. Arranged with Surah.

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