Hidden Facts About Toothpaste and Best Toothpastes

What is Toothpaste? A gel or paste having cleansing agent used with a toothbrush to clean and maintain the health and beauty of teeth.

Basic ingredients of Toothpaste:

Big portion of toothpaste consists of water which varies from 20-45%. Other three mani components in toothpaste are;

  1. Abrasives
  2. Fluorides
  3. Surfactants

Sub Components:

  • Antibacterial agents
  • Flavorants
  • Remineralizers

All these are the components which are used in toothpastes.

*Xylitol: Some research about toothpaste have declared that Xylitol ingredient in toothpaste is very essential ingredient for toothpaste. Study carries following points about  Xylitol that it is effective at preventing dental caries in permanent teeth of children as compare to such toothpastes which contains only fluoride. It also observed in research that xylitol has no Side effect and harmful effects on teeth as well as whole body.

Hidden and Ignoring Points in Purchasing Toothpaste:

  1. Toothpaste which you are purchasing can use child’s?
  2. Toothpaste have all ingredients suitable for your teeth?
  3. Can this toothpaste use as regular basis?
  4. Have it contains painkiller ingredient?
  5. Toothpaste which you purchased have no any Anesthesia components?
  6. Diabetes patient can use this paste which you are want to buy?
  7. Some Toothpaste can cause Diarrhea.

Before purchasing toothpaste you should to care about

Toothpaste Color codes and Their Meanings

When we purchase toothpaste we care following things which are; The ingredients, expiry date, Health benefits, Flavor, Whitening, Anti-cavity, Tartar control, Fresh breath, These all are common points which people prefer on choosing toothpaste.

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Slide 1 | But an important thing which people ignore is Color Bar on Toothpaste pack and Toothpaste tube.

Slide 2 | Color Bar on Toothpaste pack and Toothpaste tube.

Slide 3 | Colors Bar is important Never Ignore it !

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Every toothpaste label pack and paste tubes have different color bar.

Green: Natural ingredients (You can use these toothpaste for child’s)

Blue: Natural and Medicine added ingredients (Can be Use at child teeth)

Red: Natural and Chemical (Not Use for child’s teeth cleansing)

Black: Chemical components.

All these are the basic detail of color mentioned on Tube. So for patients and child you should to care about these facts.

Best toothpaste Companies in World


Colgate Total


Aqua Fresh





Cali White

Hello Oral

Tom’s of Maine


Close Up



All above mentioned companies have good repute in public. Reviews from people about these companies are very positive. So we mentioned these brands on behalf of people and researching about doctors recommendations. You can choose your best option from here and other company toothpaste which are not mentioned at here.

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