Kundali Bhagya Written Update 20th November 2020

Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 20th November 2020 will start with Scene of Preeta acting. What happen in Tomorrow Video Episode. You can read all Update About 20th November 2020 Written Episode.

Written Episode of Kundali Bhagya 20th November 2020

In Early minutes of drama episode Preeta talking with other’s and can be seen in angry mode about her family discussion. She told them she will never want any misbehave and highlighting our family matters in public, the family in which I am living. During her talk, Mahria (Maria) interrupted and loudly seaked that Preeta is telling a lie. Its Totally fake, nothing is true in her story.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 20th November 2020

Preeta says they can talk later about their marriage, confirm in advance about the drinking problem and ask anyone to come and smell Mahira and they will understand the truth because she does not want to repeat the truth over and over again. Aunt Ranu came forward and smelled Mahira and said that she was clearly drunk and said that when she first saw him at the same time she thought Rakhi was marrying Karan to the wrong person. He says Mahira introduced himself as Preeta and wandered around the party until now.

One of the guests said that he was not happy with Karan seeing Mahira’s actions but thank God he was not his wife and he got a good wife like Preeta. Mahira loses her control and starts shouting at everyone by saying how Preeta can be a good person and trying to convince them by saying that she is not a good person and she will tell the truth about herself and realize Sameer and Sristy laugh at her and go to them and say everything is their plan and he will not leave them either. Ramona and Sherlyn take Mahira with them from there.

Today Kundali Bhagya Full Written Episode English.

Kundali Bhagya Toay Written Episode

Ranu Aunt appreciated the behavior a Preeta which she shows here who have major role in this drama “requesting from everyone to forget what happened today and forgave¬† to them for the difficulties they are facing because of Mahira”.

Aunt Ranu says Preeta is very good if there is someone else in her place then that person will definitely beat Mahira until now. Everyone praised Preeta. Rishab asks Sristy where Preeta is going. He lied to her saying that he did not know if he knew then he would not hide it from her. Sameer took the microphone from Preeta and announced Preeta and Karan dance performances.

Sherlyn asks why Mahira behaves like this and everyone will consider her a psycho. Mahira asks why someone would call her psycho when everything Preeta did and explained how she poured alcohol on her. Sherlyn says no one will believe her. Ramona says the star today is Preeta and Mahira is the villain and tells her to change her clothes. Mahira goes to change and Ramona goes from there. Sherlyn thinks everything is broken and wonders what to do now.

Here another twist came with entry of Sameer!

He comes at stage and takes mike demanding that Karan and Preeta dance as it will make the party a little lively.
Sherlin and Ramona forcibly bring Maira into the room, Maira asks why they brought her because Preeta is the one who throws wine into her clothes and that is her plan to make sure that Maira is seen as a villain.

yet Sherlin and Ramona shout that she should change because no one believes her that Preeta did this to her, Maira mentions that she has done so many things for the family that they should listen to her but Sherlin explains that just as she could not say that she Preeta kidnapped them too Unable to say that it was Preeta behind everything, Ramona sent Maira to change her clothes before leaving the room. Sherlin wonders that until the moment Maira changes her clothes, Preeta will make sure that everything returns to normal which will ruin her entire plan.

Karan and Preeta start their dance, she asks where she is going, Preeta cries that this means she misses her relevant to her question yet she rejects her statement by saying that she does not miss her, Preeta cries that she knows she is lost when she is not around, Karan did not believe him but could not divert his gaze, Karan mentioned that he would listen when he married Karan which is the dream of every bachelor.

While Preeta was still dancing, Sameer also demanded that Shrishti dance with her, Sanjana and Karina were shocked to see Shrishti dancing with Sameer, Sanjana shouted that she should make sure that Shrishti could not marry Sameer, Karina also vowed not to let her in their house.
Rano advises Rakhi to arrange his function again because Maira spoils his function so he has to arrange another, Rakhi asks Bani Dadi to go with him, he mentions that he knows that they arrange the function but cannot fulfill the ceremony until they again, Dadi agrees but Karina did not believe what she heard, then asked why Dadi allowed Rakhi to hold another function where Dadi mentioned that he thought Rakhi was right until he allowed it.

Shrishti and Sameer left the dance floor until Preeta and Karan finished their dance and started praising them both.

Today Episode Has been ended with these words.

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