Kundali Bhagya Written Update 21st November 2020

Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 21st November 2020 will start with Scene of Sherlyn acting when is asking from Maria about where she was, Why she was not present. What happen in Tomorrow Video Episode. You can read all Update About 21st November 2020 Written Episode.

Written Episode of Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2020

In Early minutes of drama episode you can see the conversation between Mahira and Sherlyn about the absence of Mahria.  Mahera replied that she went for relax herself in such conjusted condition and it was enjoy for me and now i am feeling relax. Here it can be seen that Dadi stands and going to bring Rakhi for pooja. After that it can be seen that Preeta is coming to join there and was about near to sit for pooja with many other ladies but unbalanced and felt down. trouble can be seen on everyone face seeing that and runs towards her. Rishab calls Doctor and Karan takes her to their room.

You Can See in this Picture That Preeta unbalanced and felt down, While come to Join Pooja

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 21st November 2020

Mahira asks Sherlyn what will happen now. Sherlyn says that Ramona’s plan which works now Preeta should drink at least water and fast she will break fast. Mahira says that he cannot take care of Karan so he does not deserve to call himself his wife. Sherlyn praised Ramona’s plan.

Mahira says until now she is fighting against Preeta alone which is why she often loses against her and she thinks she will eventually marry Karan but in the end Preeta ruined her as well. He says now Ramona is with him and says Sherlyn will see how easy it is for her to get into Luthra’s house again because of her mother’s plans. He says his mother promised him that he would get Karan if he did everything his mother told him at the time. Sherlyn remembers how they planned with Ramona.

Today Kundali Bhagya Full Written Episode English.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode 21st November 2020 update

Ramona told a big point to all of them to mix the poison in Preeta’s food. Mahira asked what was the point when he ate food after fasting. Sherlyn says during fasting Preeta will not eat anything. Ramona asks him to listen to his plan first then responds and says that they will give him poison before he starts it quickly and then the poison will succeed.

Sherlyn says that Preeta will not even drink water, how can they give her poison. Ramona tells her not to bother and says that they should mix the poison in the laddu (Food Item) that Sarla brought for her because Preeta will eat for sure and she will not be able to finish the fast whatsoever.

Sherlyn came true and said Ramona’s idea worked and everything went according to their plan. He says that he used to think only Mahira is smart but he was wrong Ramona is smarter than him and said like he said Preeta fasting will break now. He says that he was also afraid of her because he could kill anyone if he wanted to at that time.

Mahira says that he died for a while because of Preeta but it is time for him to die and says today he has no choice but to eat and if he will not eat then he will die if he eats then his wife in it will die and whatever Preeta choose he will lose today.
Sarla is worried about Preeta. Sristy comforts him by saying that he will be fine there and however they go there to meet him. The doctor examined Preeta and asked what she was eating today. Preeta says that she continues to fast until she eats nothing. The doctor said since the symptoms looked like there was poison in the food he was eating. Everyone was shocked to hear it. The doctor said that he sent his blood sample for testing and after the report came he would confirm it and tell him to eat something now. Preeta says that she will not break her fast.

Karan scolded him and left in anger. Dadi tells them not to force Preeta. Rishab said the poison spread in his body so he had to eat something. The doctor recommended them to be hospitalized. Preeta says that before finishing fasting he will not go anywhere. The doctor injected her and told her to rest.

Here another twist came with entry of Kareena!

Kareena tells everything to Sherlyn and Mahira. Mahira says as if God also does not want Preeta to continue to cling to Karan because she is not his wife, he married her to deceive everyone. So he came there and said that he was worried about Preeta’s health. Karan enters the room and sees Preeta resting on her bed and sitting next to her and holding her hand. He woke up. Mahira came there with food and said that the Doctor suggested that Preeta should eat which is why she brought food for him.

Karan took the plate from him and wanted to feed Preeta but he stopped it by saying that he would not break his fast.

Today Episode Has been ended with these words.

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