Student Online Exam Latest News Update

Due to alarming situation of COVID-19 first and second wave across the country government has decided that students took online classes.

Student Online Classes Will Clear Student Concept About Topic

Online Exam issue in Pakistan is now top trending news on Twitter and other social forums.

There was several issues which raised by students on different oceans that was about unavailability of internet, Signals issues while taking lecture, Lack of concentration level among Teacher and Students.

Students also blamed many more on teachers about online lectures.

Some interesting Points during Students strike

Mama Dhoodu Dy do
Mama Andy Dy Do
Bs Kro Jee Raat Kafi Ho gai hy
Mama Nind Ayi Hy
Mama Andy Wala Bargur Bana Do

Agr Nawaz Sharif Ko Beron Mulk  Jany KI Ijazat Mil Sakti Hy Tu Hamin Online Exam Ki Q nai Mil Sakti?

Student Online Exam Latest News Update

Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood listened to a decade of protesting university students in Lahore and Islamabad.

Student Online Exam Strike and Universities Administration

Students say that when the classes are online, the papers are also online. Due to the global epidemic, it is totally unfair to call students to the university and take the papers.
Students of different universities were also holding protest rallies. In such a situation, Shafqat Mahmood listened to the voices of all these students and also presented his position.

Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood Took Action on Current Online Exam Issue

“Some university students are demanding that their exams should be online as they have been studying online,” the federal minister said in his social media message.

“This decision is up to all the universities, but I have approached the Higher Education Commission (HEC)
C) has been asked to contact the Vice-Chancellors of the universities and seek their advice.

Lahore / Islamabad: Angry students demanding online exams stormed a private university yesterday, injuring several guards, while female teachers were insulted during the protest.

Student Protest in Lahore News Update

Students demanding online exams tried to enter through the main gate of a private university in Jinnah Street, tortured guards for resisting, set fire to the gate with vandalism, and clashed with guards. The students were injured. According to Rescue 1122, 4 students have also been shifted to the hospital, 4 students have sustained minor injuries.

Students say the siege of the university will continue until the demands are approved. The students chanted anti-administration slogans in the protest and demanded that papers be taken online when it is taught online. Wouldn’t it be a violation of Corona SOPs when giving papers? University guards and students also threw stones at each other.
The students also blocked the road with the university. A security camera installed at the university gate number 1 was also smashed by some students. A heavy contingent of police remained on the spot and the situation is tense.

Punjab Education Minister Dr. Murad Rass has said that students who take the law into their own hands will be dealt with with iron fists. Therefore, the examinations will be conducted in accordance with the standard procedure (SOPs) issued by the government.

Police say efforts are being made to resolve the issue through negotiations.

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