The End of Year 2020 Short Review Info with Pics

Gregorian Calendar Each year starts from 1st January and ends on 31 December. There are 12 month in Gregorian Calendar.

First Day of the Gregorian Calendar : 1st January

First Month of the Gregorian Calendar: January

Last Month of the Gregorian Calendar: December

Last Day of the Gregorian Calendar: 31 December.

 Year 2020 Review Update

Each year contains many unforgotten things which may be the happiness and sad events. Some important events occurs and many new changes creates as compare to last year.

So now are discussing that what changes occurs in 2020 as compare to 2019. These are listed below

Covid-19, Australian Bushfires, Iran and USA Relationship, Unemployment,  Negative Oil Prices in History, George Floyd Death Issue, Explosion in Beirut, Presidential Election in USA and COVID-19 Vaccine Invention.

All Above mentioned words are little in quantity but these words proved very expensive for world.

No# 1


The world was unaware from this word  COVID-19 from November-December 2019. No one know that the Novel Corona Virus will be declared as a pandemic and world pay unbelievable cost for it.

COVID-19 Updates

In the Mid of February it spread fast all over the world.
After China Korea was the first Country in world where cases were confirmed.

COVID-19 Most Deaths Countrywide

USA: 325,000

Brazil: 186,820

India: 146,050

Mexico: 118,202

Italy: 69,214

These Figure may varies with time. This death figure is updated till mid December 2020.

No# 2

A Huge Loss | Australian Bushfires

Year 2020 started with heart broken news for world came from Australia. When world was celebrating the new year, Australia was facing bushfires.

For some in the Southern Hemisphere who started the first new year, it started to burn.

Reuters is assessing the scale of damage caused by forest fires across Australia. In fact, the total area burned will reach 18.6 million hectares (186,000km²) by March, more than the total land area of the country such as Cuba.

Loss of Kangaroo Island

Al least 34 people lost their lives in this duration. The Big big loss of animals and other environmental impacts are not easy to maintained ever.

However, economists estimate that Australian forest fires could cost property and economic losses of more than A $ 103 billion, making Australia’s natural disaster the most expensive natural disaster to date. Nearly 80% of Australians are affected either directly or indirectly by forest fires.

Note: ” In Both Above mentioned Points one thing is common that these are started in last Quarter of 2019. But nation ignored them, in reward these gave us more loss which will not easily recovered”

No# 3

Iran and USA Relationship

On number#3 we discuss about the relationship between USA and Iran. It is the hot issue for whole world. Because people can not bear more losses due to war. They are already paid much loss from wolrd war 1&2. They are facing issues till now which was created in these world wars.

A sudden tension created in first week of year 2020. Iranian Major General Qasim Suleimani was killed in USA Drone attack at Baghdad International Airport, Iraq.

Major General Qasim Sulemani

Qasim Suleimani was Major General of Iran Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. He was closest friend of  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ( Supreme Leader, Iran). He was the founder of Iran’s Quds Force.

So on this action, a tense environment created among world. Iran has alarmed the world that our reaction will be much tough for USA and ISREAL. It can leads towards world war, so this was difficult time for world. He was most powerful person in Iran’s  security and intelligence wings.

On 8th January 2020 a human, Systematic and technical mistake by Iran side took the 176 innocent lives. Iranian forces hit the passenger flight which was going to Ukraine, and landing stop was Boryspil International Airport. Early forces announced that they destroyed a USA Air Craft which entered in Iran But after some time it was painful when everyone saw the crash of passenger flight. Out of 176 persons 82 was Iranian, 63 Canadian, 11 Ukrainian,  10 Swedish, 7 Afghani and 3 from united kingdom have lost lives.

Iran apologized on its mistake and then no mega news about Iran and USA relationship released till to date.

We are discussing a Year 2020 Short Review now we discuss about Unemployment which increased in year 2020.

No# 4

Year 2020 and Unemployment

In 2020 a famous quote by American Scholar  “health is wealth” showed that if you are healthy then you also a wealthy. If there is no health care in any state, the state will not grow economically. A state can be build by caring the people health. If people will be healthy then they work with potential, they gain more income which increase the economy of country.

Covid-19 and Unemployment

Unhealthy environment due to COVID-19 unemployment increased around the world. In USA more than 22 M people noticed as jobless. Each year 19th July is celebrated as World Unemployment Day.

During First wave of Novel Corona Virus in USA more than 22 M people recorded jobless. You can suggest easily that its happen in USA which is World super Power. What will happened in developing countries or which were already in crises.

No# 5

Historic Negative Oil Prices

Effects of COVID-19 not dependent on loss of human lives but also influenced on oil World. The world which was facing the problem of high prices of oil decreased sudden due to COVID-19.

Historic Negative Oil Prices


First Time in a history the prices of oil gone negative. In month of March it has bee shown that consumption is decreasing day by day and prices was decreasing day by day. Russia, Saudi Arabia tried to control prices, it it was to much late. A record decrease in oil prices shown on 20th April 2020. The prices gone negative with -$37.63 per barrel.

No# 5

George Floyd Death Issue | I can’t breathe Black Lives Protest

Last words before George Floyd Death was “I can’t breathe” took more attention in USA and all over the world. His last sentence become a slogan for Black people.

On May, 25, 2020. A police officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd by putting his knelt on George Floyd neck. Due to this act 46 year old George Floyd could not save himself. He died at the spot. A seen was captured on cameras which speared quickly through out the world in limited time.

George Floyd Death Scene

Black Lives Matter Political and Social Movement  started strike against police man and this illegal activity. It was not first time when this type of incident took place. Already black lives were facing such type of issues, so they started strikes and rallies in favor of George Floyd and all black lives.

No# 6

Explosion in Beirut

Beirut the capital of Lebanon a disaster occurred at the Beirut Port in shape of large fire. An explosion due to  Ammonium Nitrate gas the gas clouds covered the city like mushroom and blasted. In this accident more than 200 people died and 50000+ injured.

Explosion in Beirut

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